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You know the drill, what needs improving, what did I do wrong, etc? Screened comments are on!
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OOC Information

Player: Melissa
Contact Information: melcat33 (plurk), (e-mail), KawaiiUsagi33 (aim)


Canonpoint: Post Dragon Games
Age: 17
Wish: “I wish my mother no longer had magic.”
Result: Shortly after the events of the Dragon Games, Raven is approached by the odd-looking Kyuubey, though a talking animal is hardly weird for her. The idea of being a 'magical girl' makes her sarcastically reply that, technically, she already is one. But just as she's about to walk away and make this just a strange story to tell her friends, Kyuubey asks where she had been before seeing him. The answer is visiting her mother. That's when he mentions the wish.

Raven abruptly pauses, and then asks what he means. Even as common sense tells her this is a bad idea, she can't resist the temptation of freeing the magical world of one of its greatest enemies... and also being with someone she cares about. Raven loves her mother, despite her mother giving her an abusive childhood, corrupting her school and nearly 'killing' her close friend, Apple White. But she also knows that if the Evil Queen ever got out again, she'd do yet another evil plan, and try to corrupt Raven into doing the same. In order to keep her friends and school safe, yet also have a way to be with her mother, Raven decides to take away her mother's magic. That way, she can never hurt anyone else.

However, Raven is being blind to the fact that despite the Evil Queen no longer having magic, she'll still have her same personality, and still be a cruel manipulator, and still want to make Raven follow the exact same destiny. But why should Kyuubey mention any of that? When he grants the wish, he also doesn't mention that the magic has to go SOMEWHERE... and why not into her own daughter's head? Raven has no access to it, but the dark impulses will still be there, tempting her to use her powers for her own selfish desires. As a result, the destiny that Raven has fiercely tried to avoid will now be even harder to resist.
Weapon: A gold hand mirror with a black reflection,


» POWER ONE - With the underlining of her wish being she wanted to set her mother 'free', Raven has the ability to escape traps, bindings, anything that can constrict or imprison her much more easily than others.

» POWER TWO - Since her fairy tale largely revolves around a mirror, which her mother is also trapped in, Raven has magic mirrors as her offensive and defensive attacks. Initially it is a hand mirror, which is used much like a blunt weapon. Upon 'upgrading', she will gain the other summoned two are floating, large vanity mirrors. All of them can 'reflect' attacks back at the opponent, but they have to 'see' the full scope of the attack. (As of 9/28/16, she has 2 vanity mirrors) For example, if it was a flaming fireball, it can be bounced right back since the whole fireball can be seen in the mirror. However, if it was a sneak attack from behind, she'd be defenseless. In addition, she can will the mirrors to break, and send nasty sharp glass shards to the enemy. However, this ability only works once per day.


4th Walling, Back-tagging, Shipping, and Violence are all A-Ok! But anything bigger than a crush and death I'd rather talk about first before implementing.


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